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Packaging and postage

2012-04-23 17:53:35

P&P details

Our secure packaging

Care of the environment is very important to us, so we use strong pots which are re-usable, and pack our plants in recycled cardboard boxes.

Because our plants are grown in injection moulded, strong, reusable plastic pots, this ensures that they don't break during shipping or afterwards.


Packaging and postage 01

Our pots are strong, reusable plastic pots, range from 7cm to 1,5L (9cm and 1L) 


Securely packing a plant into a parcel which will then spend days (sometimes more than a week if going abroad) with various shipping companies requires skill, practice, patience and is very time consuming.

It would be easier to place the plant in the bottom of the box, and then fill the parcel with stuffing but it is almost impossible to avoid movement during shipping – which can damage the plant very easily. Even the movement of the stuffing can break leaves and buds. Therefore we do not use stuffing. Instead, we have developed a unique packing method which makes plant movement virtually impossible in the parcel. When placing an order with us, you can be certain that your item will arrive in perfect condition to your door.

We also make sure the compost do not move at all when in the shipping. Vibrating, especially moving compost can damage plant roots and if moist compost gets loose, it may damage the aerial parts of the plant and the cardboard parcel. That is why we wrap the pot and place a stick in to attach to the plant so no compost movement can take place.

It is important to use the right sized and form of box too. Whenever possible, especially for taller plants, we only use die cut boxes that don’t close in the middle but overlap the top and ends on the sides, making the box much stronger.


Packaging and postage 02

We do not compromise on packaging: every care is taken to send
 strong parcels with clear messages and no plant movement inside 


After placing an order, we will inform you about the dispatch and delivery time and about some guidelines to follow when opening the parcel to unwrap your plant(s) securely.

We always pick your plants from our nursery on the very day of your order and we pack them the afternoon before dispatch day (we always post all orders in the morning).


In almost all circumstances, we use Royal Mail to send your parcels and we use First class service with the delivery aim of 1 day in theUK. There are size limitations for small packets, it cannot exceed 1,2m in length. This means that if a plant is taller than that, we have to cut it back to fit into the box to avoid using a much more expensive postal service and so keeping our prices lower.

Our prices are based on weight and whenever possible, we combine the postage with multiple items bought. We have several prices depending on how many plants you wish to order so you only pay the amount your plant is cost us to send you (that is why we do not use averaged prices which would be higher than the P&P costs of 1 or 2 plants).


Packaging and postage 03

Some of our plants, ready to post


If you wish your item to be sent by registered Signed For or with Guaranteed Next day delivery, you can choose this option too.

We will send FREE Signed For all purchase above £30 within theUKand above £50 within the EU, so in these cases you only pay the normal postage and we cover the Signed For surcharge. Items will be sent the day after registered payment is received (Friday and Weekend purchases will be sent on Monday to avoid any weekend postal delay).

Table with ordering, dispatch and estimated delivery times

ORDERING TIME                            DISPATCH TIME                 EST. DELIVERY DAY

from Sunday 6pm
till Tuesday 6pm                              Wednesday                          Thursday

from Tuesday 6pm
till Thursday 6pm                             Friday                                    Saturday

from Thursday 6pm
till Sunday 6pm                                Monday                                 Tuesday


Packaging and postageItems bought on the day before any Bank Holiday will be sent the next available working day when Royal Mail operates (except Saturdays to avoid weekend delays)

Please note that we guarantee TWO WORKING DAY DISPATCH time but we cannot guarantee the exact DELIVERY time as it is beyond our control. 

For extra peace of mind, from abroad - especially in Summer when the weather is often hot - you may consider ordering International Signed For delivery which is usually quicker than normal Airmail. 

From abroad, you also have the choice to order with guaranteed next day delivery or Signed For delivery (please note that 1 parcel cannot exceed 60cm in length and 2kgs in weight so if you wish Signed For delivery and your items fit in 2 parcels, you have to pay twice for the Signed For service- one for each parcel).

Heavier orders may be sent via Parcelforce Worldwide, as you can see in our price table, because they are cheaper to send for you this way so you can save on P&P.

YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY. In the extremely unlikely event the plant gets lost during shipping (you MUST receive the plant in 7 days in theUKand 10 days abroad) OR arrive damaged, we will send you another plant(s) free of charge.


We sincerely hope that you will be delighted with our packaging service!