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Why choose us?

2012-04-25 21:51:16

Following are 10 good reasons to choose our plants: 

Why choose us?

We collect a lot of seeds in the wild, here:
Quercus coccifera acorn collection near Montpellier,
South of France (2011)

1. We can offer young, unusual plants at competitive prices as we collect or propagate them on site. We grow a lot of plants from seed to help maintain nature’s genetic diversity.

2. We do not import any of our plants so your purchased plant will get used to the climate in theUK, as they are “trained” under UK weather conditions. We offer bonsai starter plants of unusual species.

3. We grow our plants in injection moulded, quality pots which are re-usable. We do not use any cheap thin plastic pots which leave a larger carbon footprint on our nature.
Why choose us?

Japanese bitter orange (Poncirus trifoliata) makes excellent,
rather unusual bonsai: it branches out freely.
We offer similar bonsai starters for other unusual species.

4. We only use high quality compost and pine bark, sourced from environmentally managed forests and sites. We use a unique mix of compost (from peat to perlite) for the best care for each species.

5. We use 16-18 month slow release plant food so you can be sure  that your plant is fed for a good time after you receive it.

6. We provide  a growing kit with your purchase including full growing instructions, extra plant food, cable tie and bamboo stick.
7. You can be sure that you will receive a high standard plant, exactly as described on this website. All of the purchased plants are FRESHLY HAND-PICKED from our nursery on the very day of purchase. 
Why choose us?

We offer a range of edible plants, for example Sea-buckthorn

8. We pack your plants extremely carefully, using a unique, secure method.

9. You get 30 days guarantee which means that if your plant fails to grow (extremely rare case) in this period, we will provide a replacement plant FREE of charge.

10. If you are anything less than delighted with your item on delivery or, in the unusual event  that a plant gets lost in the post, we will send you another plant FREE and without any excuse.
Why choose us?

Your ordered plant will look like this one
when you receive and unwrap it: red stone grit on the top,
bamboo stick in the pot (sample: 2 years old Cryptomeria japonica)