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JurassicPlants Nurseries (Including Return Policy)

2012-07-26 21:09:35

The receipt of a catalogue or website order from Jurassicplants Nurseries constitutes an agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

The following terms and conditions are valid until December 31st, 2012.


All products available on our website are usually in stock when an order is placed. However, the availability of our products may be affected by external factors such as weather conditions that are beyond our control.

When dispatching orders, we will supply the best quality plants currently available.

All sizes and measurements of products listed on our website are average approximations. This is because these physical aspects of plants can vary greatly in between seasons. Plant pot sizes may also vary from time to time. Plants will not be substituted without prior contact. 

Our website displays both visual and written information of all of our products. However, please bear in mind the fact that some characteristics of plants such as size, shape, or colour may vary greatly. And these variable characteristics that may even be further affected by other factors such as where the plant was grown in the first place. Therefore, all visual and written information of our products are approximations and for guidance only. 

Pricing & Payment

The catalogue prices upon which we base the prices of our own products are always correct at their time of publication. Therefore, all prices on our website are up to date as well. We have the right to change the price of any of our products on our own accord, without any external notice being given. The prices in both our website and catalogue refer to plants of a specific size. If at any given time a product of its listed size isn’t available, then a smaller plant will be substituted, at an appropriate pro rata reduced price. 

All catalogue prices are correct at their time of publication

Payments can be made through any of the following processes; bank transfer, PayPal, or by cheque. If any orders aren’t supplied for whatever reason, then a refund will be made at the time of despatch.

Cheques should be payable to “JurassicPlants Nurseries”.

There is no minimum or maximum limit to how many products can be ordered at once.

The acceptance of orders depends entirely on the availability of the ordered product.

We can accept and process orders from anywhere within the European Union. However, we are currently unable to accept and process orders from beyond the European Union.


The despatch of orders will usually take place around three working days after the transaction has been completed. We acknowledge the completion of all transactions via e-mail.

We reserve the right to delay the dispatch of our products if we deem it necessary to do so. We may take this action as a result of extreme weather conditions, such as snow. Delays can also occur if our standard delivery service is disrupted by a third party strike action for example. Despatch during Bank Holiday periods will take place the first working day afterwards, when the Royal Mail begins to operate as usual once again.

We reserve the right and responsibility over the possession of all our stock until the appropriate payment has been transacted. Stock will be recovered if the payment process isn’t completed for whatever reason.

Packaging & Delivery

Products of a higher than average height, such as trees that are over 1.25 metres in height, may have to be pruned in order to adhere to courier size restrictions. Or, there may be an additional cost in postage. If this is the case, buyers will be contacted first.

Please ensure that all of your address details are correct when placing an order. Within this information, please include a safe location where the plants can be left if you are unavailable to receive the order personally. However, only include this information if there is such a location. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to products once they have been despatched and delivered in adherence to an address and delivery instructions given.

The exact date or time of arrival for orders cannot be guaranteed. However, orders can be made with a guaranteed next day delivery, at an extra charge. In order to utilise this option you must however contact us first. If a delivery is delayed as a result of any factors beyond our control, then we will contact you to inform you that the delivery date will have to be extended. Even if this is the case, we are unable to guarantee the exact date or time of arrival for an order.

Orders that are of a higher than average weight (above 20kg) or split deliveries will more often than not result in an additional postage charge.


hen placing an order, you have the option to specify any possible alternative choices. If a close substitute isn’t available for a prepaid order for whatever reason, a refund for both the order itself and any possible postage and packing etc. will be made shortly after despatch.

Risk & Responsibility

The risk and responsibility over our products are handed from us to the buyer at the moment of their delivery.


We, at Jurassic Plants Nurseries guarantee that we only send top quality trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. We inspect everything thoroughly before despatch to ensure the best possible quality. We also ensure that all of our products are packed as securely as possible in order to prevent any possible damage during postage.

However, please bear in mind the fact that plants may require a bit of TLC if they have been deprived of light for an extended period of time during postage. And also, when plants are dormant in the winter, their physical appearance might be completely different to what they might normally look like during the spring or summer. For example, herbaceous plants in their dormant state may only appear to be pots full of compost.

If a plant fails to survive for longer than three months after delivery, then either a refund or replacement is guaranteed. However, this is only a possibility if they have been cared for correctly, and the blame can reasonably be attributed to us. We will require a photograph and other details regarding the dead plant before issuing a refund or replacement. If we agree to provide a replacement then you will be charged for delivery as usual.


To make a complaint about our products or service or to notify us with any other purpose then this can be done via e-mail.

If any of our products get damaged during postage in whatever way then please contact us immediately. If this does turn out to be the case then we can either provide a replacement or a full refund. And also, we will require photographic evidence, in order to notify any couriers who may be involved in the matter. 

If you receive one of our products that is of a lower standard in condition that described then please contact us immediately and we will either send a replacement of provide a refund. If this does turn out to be the case, then we will require photographic evidence.

Security & Privacy Policy

To retain and respect privacy, we will not reveal personal details to any third party; we will only use them for the processing of any orders made. However, we may retain any e-mail addresses provided by orders in order to send any further information or news about our products and/or service(s). However, if you do not want any such further information then please notify us via e-mail.


We cannot accept any liability for any personal injury, illness, or even death as a result of the misuse of our products. Such misuse includes eating or any other form of consumption of our plants for example. We cannot accept any liability for the defiance of our guidance and information provided with our products. All of our products include guidance and information regarding herbal uses, edibility, and toxicity of our plants.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall our liability exceed the stated value of our products. 


All content of our website (photographs etc.) are copyrighted

Photographs and other such material from our website or catalogue cannot be used for other purposes without our written consent. Downloading, printing, and/or copying for personal and non-commercial use is acceptable.

The unauthorised use of trademarks owned by ourselves or others exhibited on our website or catalogue is prohibited.