Chimonanthus praecox - Winter Sweet

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  • Sweetly scented and highly fragrant, creamy yellow, bell shaped flowers appear on bare, light brown stems in the middle of Winter. Glossy, lanceolate leaves turn to pure yellow in the Autumn.

  • On hot Summer days, the deep green, leathery leaves release an aromatic scent of a mixture of cinnamon and cloves.

  • Winter sweet is a medium sized (2m tall) shrub, ideal for Winter borders and looks stunning against a natural wall or even in a large pot on the patio. It is best to keep it close to a path or entrance of the house for you to fully appreciate its strong fragrance!

Height (in 5 years, unpruned): 1.5x0.5m

Peak period: January-February (flowers)

Flower colour: predominantly yellow

Hardiness: -15C

Growth rate: medium

Autumn coloration: yellow

Position: sheltered, sunny spot is best, it grows well on poor soil

Excellent quality starter plant in an 8cm square pot.

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