Citrus aurantifolia citrus japonica - Limequat

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  • An excellent quality, 10cm tall starter plant in a 8cm square pot (if a picture of the plant in a pot is shown, it is an example of what is sent). The limequat is a citrofortunella hybrid that is the result of a cross between the key lime (Citrus x aurantiifolia) and the kumquat, hybridized by Walter Tennyson Swingle in 1909. Its fruits are the size of a small egg with yellow coloured skin. These seedlings can resemble more or less to one of their parents and therefore can produce yellow or orange, rounded or egg shaped fruits. Fairly frost hardy, easy to grow. After many years it won't be taller than 1m.

Flowering time: Winter-Spring
Hardiness: down to -7C
Growth rate: slow
Autumn coloration: not applicable
Position: full sun / rich, fertile soil / can be pot grown

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