Maclura tricuspidata, Cudrania tricuspidata - Chinese Raspberry Tree, Che

Usually a small tree, but sometimes multistemmed, with its sweet and tasty edible fruits, this fully hardy, small tree is well suitable for any garden, even possible to grow it in a large container. It is dioecious, but most male plants will bear some fruits, too. However by planting a few together highly likely ensures both genders for a higher yield. A mature female plant bears thousands of fruits which are usually red in colour, but sometimes yellow, and can be harvested from September.  Our 1 year old plants already show their spines and will soon grow into a 3-4ft tall little tree. Its simple, glossy leaves are quite ornamental, just like the juicy, smooth fruits (with a diameter of 3-4cm). It is not fussy to soil conditions.

Other common names:   Che
Native to:     China
Family:     Moraeae (Mulberry Tree Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  small tree
Growth rate: medium
Typical size in 10 years:   5m x 2m (it can be kept smaller by pruning)
Main value:    Autumn coloration, fruits, spines
Flower colour:    creamy (not significant) - male flowers; spherical-pompon like -female flowers
Flowering period:   May - June
Autumn coloration:   shades of yellow
Preferences:    grows best in full sun, on any soil with good drainage (drought tolerant)
Hardiness:    hardy to about -20C

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