Paeonia lutea var Ludolowii - Yellow Tree Peony

  • A very showy ornamental shrub with large, yelllow flowers in late Spring. It can be grown on many types of soil, but produces more flowers on clay rather than on acidic, sandy soils. It develops a multi-stemmed, vase form with time. It is sensitive to root disturbance when transplanting.

Other common names: Tree Peony
Native to: Tibet (China)
Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)
Habit (UK conditions): medium sized deciduous shrub
Typical. size in 10 years:  2m x 2m
Main value: large flowers
Flower colour:  yellow
Flowering period: May- June
Autumn coloration: yellowish but not always significant
Preferences: wide range of soils, full sun (drought tolerant)
Hardiness: hardy to around -20C
Is it edible? no

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