Pancratium maritimum - Sea Daffodil

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  • Slow growing, beautiful bulbous plant from the Mediterranean coasts where it can often be seen growing in pure sand on the dunes and flowering mid to late Summer, in the hottest conditions. Very large (8-10cm wide and tall), exotic looking, pure white flowers emerge from the bulb when the glaucous, bluish green, daffodil-like foliage dies back during late summer. The leaves are present from February to June. The flowers have a pleasing and very subtle scent.

  • With it being a maritime plant, it can tolerate extreme coastal conditions and can be planted in sandy / salty soils.
    Easy to grow in very sandy soil if you can provide hot conditions in a greenhouse or on a sunny patio. It is hardy to -5 Celsius. The seedlings should start to flower in 3 years’ time so some patience is needed but the bluish leaves will provide joy until the first flowers appear. Also known as Sand Lily and a relative to the Amaryllis, its typical size in 10 years in a container is no more than 30m x 30cm, it’s 40cm tall foliage.

  • It prefers full sun on sandy soil with light watering, hardy to -5 C but best to overwinter it frost free the bulb is somewhat toxic to humans and some animals.
    Excellent quality, 4-5cm tall plant in an 7cm square pot.

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