Citrus trifoliata (Poncirus trifoliata) - Hardy lemon

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  • Poncirus trifoliata is an unusual shrub related to citrus, but extremely cold tolerant (fully hardy in the UK).  It opens its white scented flowers in March-April, before the leaves appear and from September, 4-5 cm large yellow, limon-like fruits develop (stronger than a lemon; suitable for marmalade or for tea). Leaves turn bright yellow in Autumn. The plant is covered in large spines, and the stems stay green for several years, which gives a spectacular architectural appearance to the plant during the winter months. Fast growing and drought tolerant plant ideal for patio, for the garden or for a low hedge-barrier,but grows much slower in shallow, bonsai-pot containers does not mind to be trimmed.

  • This is an excellent quality, 10cm tall, one year old starter plant (not branched), they grow very slowly in year one and two (these will ideally need to be grown on in its pot until Summer 2021 before planting it out). The leaves remain on the young plant during the first and sometimes second Winter.

(Please note this plant is prohibited from entering the EU and NI)

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