Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese Quince

  • A rarely offered, spreading, deciduous or semi-evergreen small tree, native to China. It has grey bark and finely-toothed, oval, dark-green leaves that have a purple hue when young during the Spring. Throughout spring, pink cup shaped flowers are in bloom and if it a hot summer are followed by ovoid fruits. The fruits can reach up to lengths of 15-25cm and as they ripen give off a sweet, intense aroma. They are hard when ripe, can be eaten fresh or can be preserved in syrups.
  • The tree grows well in Britain against a south facing wall. For optimum growth, it is best to be planted in a sunny position but can be planted on any soil type. It is fast growing, drought tolerant and can be grown in a large container. It can withstand temperatures as low as -10c. 
  • Excellent quality, 10cm seedling in an 8cm square pot.



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