Rhapithamnus spinosus - Prickly Myrtle

  • An unusual, upright evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves and spines in-between from South-America. The plant has trumpet-like, small, pink flowers in May which are followed by masses of attractive blue-violet coloured fruits which remain on the branches until mid-Winter. This plant is ideal against a wall or near the house or at a garden entrance where it is protected from cold winds. It is hardy enough for most of the UK over winter without protection. It is also an ideal bonsai subject, and can be trimmed.

Other common names:   -
Native to:   Chile, Argentina
Family:      Myrtaceae (Myrtus Family)
Habit (UK conditions):    Upright, evergreen shrub
Max. size in 10 years:  3m x 2m
Main value:   Flowers and fruits
Flower colour:    Pink
Flowering period:  May-June
Autumn coloration:   -
Preferences:    Neutral or acidic, fertile soil, full sun
Hardiness:   Hardy to around -10C
Is it edible?    Not known to us

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