Sarcococca confusa+hookeriana+orientalis x3 - Chrismas Box Collection

  • Lovely evergreen shrubs with dark green leaves (also known as the Sweet Box). These plants produce delicate flowers between December and February with a powerful honey-like fragrance. The S confusa has pure white flowers and black fruits that are on the plant together during the Winter. The S hookeriana produces masses of very fragrant, pink flowers and blue fruits. Finally, the S orientalis has wider, glossy leaves and longer pink tinged white flowers, it needs to be protected from cold winds and hard frosts. The heady perfume carries some distance – very welcome in the drab days of winter. They are easy to grow due to a number of factors; they are somewhat drought tolerant, fairly low growing at 60-80cm and they even make good shrubs for patio pots where the fragrance can savoured. The plants sucker to form colonies. They are also superb as specimen plants, ground cover or low hedges when established. All can be pruned. Our small seedlings make a perfect present or are ideal for someone who does not mind to growing them a little first before planting them out. The S confusa may flower from next year, the others from the year after.

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