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Quince Collection: Cydonia oblonga, Pseudocydonia sinensis & Chaenomeles japonica

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  • The eye catching Quince collection contains one of each plant in an 8cm pot.

  • The Cydonia oblonga is a deciduous tree or large rounded shrub that has dark green elliptical and ovate leaves. Beautiful, dusty pink flowers bloom at the end of the short twigs. From late September, large pear shaped fruits are produced. The fruits mature to a golden yellow and are edible when cooked (great for compotes and cakes). It is a small tree, reaching to heights of 4-5m.

  • The Pseudocydonia sinensis is a deciduous spreading, deciduous or semi-evergreen small tree. It has grey bark and finely-toothed, oval, dark-green leaves that have a purple hue when young during the Spring. Throughout spring, pink cup shaped flowers are in bloom and if it a hot summer are followed by ovoid fruits. The mango shaped fruits give off a sweet aroma as they ripen. They are hard when ripe, can be eaten fresh or can be preserved in syrups. It is a small tree, reaching to heights of 4-5m.

  • The Chaenomeles japonica is an ornamental, deciduous small shrub with a bushy, rounded habit of 1-2m. Its shiny, bright red flowers open before the leaves appear, giving a fantastic sight. It is suitable for pot growing (as a patio plant) and to be trained to a wall. It produces apple sized fruits that mature to a golden yellow in Autumn. They are edible but is best when cooked as it makes a perfect addition to any jams.

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