Acacia dealbata - Silver Wattle, Yellow Mimosa

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  • This small flowering tree looks stunning and exotic, native to Australia but can often be seen around the Mediterranean coasts. In early Spring, the evergreen plant will produce masses of round, yellow flowers. The flowers will cover the branches, virtually hiding the foliage making the plant look like a yellow dress. With the Silver Wattle not being a very frost hardy plant, it can only withstand light morning frosts. Therefore, it can only be planted out on the Southern Coast and in cities such as London. If not, it is best to keep it in a large pot on the patio or in a conservatory, and during the Winter for it to be frost free. The Acacia dealbata requires full sunshine, otherwise it will grow leggy. It is somewhat drought tolerant but prefers to be watered regularly. A great ornamental plant, suitable for bonsai too.

Excellent quality, 30-40 cm tall (cut back) starter plant in an 8cm square pot.

(Please note this plant is prohibited from entering the EU and NI)

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