Magfadyena unguis-cati - Cat's Claw Creeper

  • The Macfadyena Unguis-Cati is a vigorous climbing, evergreen shrub that is native to Central and South America. It is a slow growing plant, eventually reaching up to 2-3m in height once an adult.

  • The reasoning behind the shrubs common name ‘Cat’s Claw Creeper’ is that it has compound leaves that have two leaflets with a clawed like tendril between them resembling a cat’s claw, the plant uses this to cling onto surfaces or bark.

  • During mid-late Summer, yellow trumpet-like flowers are produced followed by showy bean-like, long, flattened fruits in September to November that hang from the tree.

  • The Macfadyena Unguis-Cati is drought tolerant due to it producing long tubers when young to help it adapt to these conditions. This particular plant is not very hardy as it can only survive light frosts (lowest -5c). A very ornamental plant that is suitable for the patio as long as over the winter it is kept frost free.

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