Ziziphus jujuba Nostrano - Chinese Date

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  • The Jujube is a slow growing, multi-stemmed shrub/small tree from the Far-East. It has gooseberry-sized, edible fruits (taste between an apple and a pineapple) that mature from green to brown in the Autumn. Yellow but tiny flowers develop in the Spring. This plant is drought tolerant, not fussy to soil conditions and is suitable for pot growing. We have lovely, fresh plants (15cm tall) from seed. It is very difficult to get good seeds and extract them to germinate which is reflected in the items price. This variety - Nostrano - was selected in Italy for its regular good crop, tasty fruits and easier propagation. It is hardy to -30C and copes with all aspects of the British climate.

  Also known as: Red Date, Jujube
  Native to: China
  Family: Rhamnaceae - Buckthron Family
 Habit (UK conditions): multistemmed shrub or small tree (slow grower with zig-zag branching)
 Max size in 5 years (UK conditions):  1,5m x 0,5m
 Main value: fruits, foliage
 Flowers are:   yellow
 Flowering period:  May
 Autumn coloration:  yellow
 Preferences:   full sun with moderate watering
 Hardiness:  fully hardy in Britain (down to -30C)
 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge
 Edible uses: fruits (raw or processed)

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