The Forgotten Fruit Shrubs Collection

  • We have carefully curated a collection of our favourite fruiting shrubs that we believe not only will you enjoy but your gardens wildlife too.

  • The juicy Forgotten Fruit Shrubs Collection contains one of each plant in either a 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Hardy Lemon – Citrus trifoliata: Extremely cold tolerant, fully Winter hardy fruit tree. Large, scented, white flowers appear late Spring, followed by juicy, lemon like fruits that can be enjoyed in drinks or to make marmalade. Makes a stunning patio plant or can be planted in your garden. It prefers moist soil and can withstand temperatures to -20ºC.
  • Japanese Medlar – Eriobotrya japonica: A small evergreen tree or shrub that is very ornamental with long, dark green, leathery leaves and yellow-white flowers that open on the tip of the branches. The flowers are produced during January-February, having the most sweetly scent one can imagine. For the succulent, sweet fruits to develop it requires almost a frost-free environment from February to May. Any time from early Spring to early Summer the fruits flesh when ripe becomes yellow orange. The flavour is the sweetest, a mixture of citrus and peach.
  • Hairless Mini Kiwi (Red Fruited) – Actinidia arguta ‘Missionario Chiandetti’ + ‘Cornell’ (pollinator) – 1+1 Plants: A vigorous climber with upright shoots and ovate-oblong leaves, originating from Eastern Asia. It produces bunches of tiny kiwis which have the most pleasant, sweet aroma and taste when ripe. They are known to have numerous beneficial properties and are extraordinarily rich in vitamin C. In early summer, bunches of fragrant white flowers bloom. This red skinned variety needs a pollinator to be able to fruit, so we will provide you with both male and female.

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