Citrus trifoliata (Poncirus trifoliata) - Hardy lemon - 2 Year Old Plant

  • Poncirus trifoliata is an unusual shrub related to citrus, but extremely cold tolerant (fully hardy in the UK).  It opens its white scented flowers in March-April, before the leaves appear and from September, 4-5 cm large yellow, limon-like fruits develop (stronger than a lemon; suitable for marmalade or for tea). Leaves turn bright yellow in Autumn. The plant is covered in large spines, and the stems stay green for several years, which gives a spectacular architectural appearance to the plant during the winter months. Fast growing and drought tolerant plant ideal for patio, for the garden or for a low hedge-barrier,but grows much slower in shallow, bonsai-pot containers does not mind to be trimmed.

(Please note this plant is prohibited from entering the EU and NI)

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