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Jacaranda mimosaefolia
Blue Jacaranda Tree
Pot size: 8cm   Our online price: £5.90
adult plant (South of France) masses of flowers ready to send out plant

Common name in French:
Common name in German:
Other common names:
South America


One of the most beautiful tree with fern-like leaves, and long-lasting, bell shaped blue flowers, open in large inflorescence, followed by quirky, round, flat seedpods. It will flower in a large pot, keeping it in a conservatory or in a sunny room for the winter and on the patio or in the garden (in pot) for the Summer. It is not frost tender, however the trees seen on the pictures were taken in France (near Perpignan), where low temperatures down to 0 C and high winds are frequents in Winter. It requires a sunny position, otherwise it will grow leggy. We have small seedlings for sale which will start to grow quickly now. Our plants are from seeds of those trees on the pictures, therefore the seedlings have some good cold tolerance. Also known as: Jacaranda, Fern tree Native to: South-America Family: Bignoniaceae - Bignonia Family Habit (UK conditions): small tree (kept in pot) Max size in 5 years (UK conditions, in pot): 3 x 1m Main value: flowers Flowers are: blue Flowering period: Summer Autumn coloration: - (evergreen or semi-evergreen, if kept warm all year round) Preferences: it grows best if planted against a south facing wall for the summer and kept indoors for the Winter, dislikes windy conditions, not fussy to soil Hardiness: not hardy in the UK and most of Europe (hardiness zone 10) Known hazards: none to our knowledge Edible uses: none to our knowledge

Plant growing type:
Size when mature in m:
Main feature (value):
Spring value:
Summer value:
Autumn value:
Winter value:
Autumn coloration:
Flower colour:
Fruit colour:
W i n t e r
S p r i n g
S u m m e r
A u t u m n
Flowering period:
Fruiting period:

Drought tolerance:
Optimum ph:
Preferred location:
Where to plant:
Pests and diseases:
Herbal usage:
not edible
Toxicity to humans:
Optimum growing conditions:

Height in cm:
Pot size:
Age in year:
1 (this tree is grown from seed on our nursery)
Our online price: