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Living Fossil Collection - 1 Araucaria - 1 Ginkgo - 1 Metasequoia
Living Fossil Collection - 1 Araucaria (seedling), 1 Metasequoia and 1 Ginkgo
Pot size: 8cm   Our online price: £11.00
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Metasequoia (part of the collection)

Common name in French:
1 Araucaria, 1 Metasequoia et 1 Ginkgo
Common name in German:
1 Araucaria, 1 Metasequoia und 1 Ginkgo
Other common names:
China (Ginkgo and Metasequoia), South America (Araucaria)


Araucaria araucana,

a southern South American tree species, is considered a representative symbol of Chilean forest biodiversity due to its endemicity and longevity and is the hardiest species in the genus. This evergreen tree can grow to 40 m tall and 2 m trunk diameter, starting to produce cones from the age of 20. Because of its longevity and primitive look, it is also called a living fossil. Its leaves are thick, tough and scale-like, triangular, 3–4 cm long, 1–3 cm broad at the base, and with sharp edges and tip. They persist for 10–15 years or more, making the plant comletely green, except for the older branches. This is usually a dioecious plant (the male and female cones develop on separate trees) but sometimes, monoecious specimens can be found. The seeds of this item are form a rare monoecious tree, growing in the UK. It can be pruned and even possible to grow it to a bonsai.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 

is an unusual, deciduous conifer tree, but can be kept as a shrub or hedge. Dawn Redwood is a living fossil, endangered in the wild. Dawn redwoods grow naturally in the remote province of Szechwan, China. This population was only discovered in 1940, before this time, scientists believed the plant is extinct and was only known through fossil records. They can be confused with Bald cypress but its leaves grow in an opposite arrangement, not in spiral. Dawn redwoods will not grow knees like Bald cypress, a tree that grows best in swampy conditions. Dawn redwood will thrive best in full sun and moist, deep, well drained soil, but it is drought tolerant. This plant can grow 50-80 cm a year, finally reaching 25-30m in height with a 6-8m spread but if pruned, they can be used as a high hegde or even a small soliter tree in the garden. If planted into a pot, they can live on the patio or it can be formed into a bonsai. Dawn redwood trunks are remarkably straight and the tree grows in a tall, slender, pyramidal shape. Even the seedlings are very hardy and care-free. With their cinnamon colored, exfoliating bark and deciduous nature this plant can be a real pearl of any garden. The leaves turn a lovely bronze then brown colour in autumn.


Ginkgo biloba

is an unusual conifer, and a very ancient plant, you almost grow your own dinosaur if you have one. The fan-shaped leaves - composed of two lobes (biloba) that form a split in the middle of the leaf - and branching pattern (composed by long and very short branches) give a very distinct look to the plant. It can grow to large tree but can be grown in pot on the patio, or as a bonsai.


Plant growing type:
Size when mature in m:
Main feature (value):
Spring value:
Summer value:
Autumn value:
Winter value:
Autumn coloration:
Flower colour:
Fruit colour:
W i n t e r
S p r i n g
S u m m e r
A u t u m n
Flowering period:
Fruiting period:

Drought tolerance:
Optimum ph:
Preferred location:
Where to plant:
all can be kept in pot on the patio or suitable for bonsai, or in the garden, all look best planted alone in the land
Pests and diseases:
they are not susceptible for pests and diseases
Herbal usage:
Ginkgo seed is often used for medical purposes
Toxicity to humans:
Optimum growing conditions:

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