Aesculus flava -Yellow Buckeye

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  • Rarely offered, the small sized tree has sulphur yellow flower heads and sweet, edible nectar and seeds (when cooked). Other common names: Sweet Buckeye Native to: E-North-America (Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania) Family: Hippocastanaceae (Chestnut Family) Habit (UK conditions): deciduous tree Max. size in 10 years: 5m x 3m Main value: flowers Flower colour: yellow Flowering period: late May Autumn coloration: yellow - orange Preferences: grows best in medium moist but well drained soil in full sun Hardiness: fully hardy in England and Wales and most of Europe Is it toxic? yes, leaves, flowers, bark and the seed is rich in saponins which may cause stomach upset Is it edible? yes, the well cooked seed tastes sweet, similar to sweet chestnut

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