Amorpha fruitcosa - False Indigo Bush

  • The Amorpha fruitcosa is a deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves that are composed of up to 30 oval leaflets, originating from the North of the USA, over time spreading across Europe and Asia. The shrub is a medium-sized to large shrub with a height that can reach 16 to 20ft. It is a tolerant species as it is drought resistant and tolerant to extreme cold weather (up to -15c). The Amorpha fruitcosa is very low maintenance, perfect for flower beds and borders. It is often cultivated as an ornamental plant. The shrub prefers moist or dry soil, growing well in full sun or partial shade. At the start of the Summer, the tree produces slender, tiny racemes of single-petalled flowers that consist of the colours blue or deep purple with orange anthers which appear as clusters near or at the end of the branchlets.

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