Corylus colurna - Turkish Hazel

  • The Corylus colurna is a slow growing deciduous tree that can reach to the height of 20m. It originates from Western Asia and is known for its architectural appeal due to its striking pyramidal and symmetrical form. Its leaves are of a dark green and slightly lobed.

  • During mid-late Spring, long yellow catkins (up to 8cm in length) are produced and hang from the branches. In the autumn, the broad ovate leaves turn to a beautiful golden yellow and are followed by the edible fruits.

  • The fruit is a nut which is enclosed in a spiny, thick and bristly casing that holds from 3-8 of nuts. The taste is very similar to that of the common hazel nut.

  • The Corylus colurna is a hardy plant, it is drought tolerant as well as being hardy up to -25c. It can grow in either no shade or semi-shade and is highly tolerant of urban locations.

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