Juglans Nigra - Black Walnut Tree Rare

  • Rarely offered walnut species, native to the Middle East, their hard wood gives material to one of the most expensive furniture. The green coated nuts are very hard to break but the seed is edible on all species, the last two more bitter then the common walnut. The seedcoat of Black Walnut and Manchurian Walnut is used for a variety of purposes for decoration: necklace, watches, etc...Extremely fast growers, it will need a lot of space if one wants to let it mature in a garden. It is not too fussy to soil conditions and has good drought and cold tolerance. The older trees develop a decorative, fissured bark and it offers spectacular yellow Autumn coloration. The large leaves have a special, strong scent. We have germinated seeds, planted into 1L deep pot on offer, the seedling will grow up to 30-40cm in a few months time. Black Walnutproduces chemicals which can inhibit the growth of other plants. These chemicals are dissolved out of the leaves when it rains and are washed down to the ground below, reducing the growth of plants under the tree. The roots also produce substances that are toxic to many plant species, especially apples (Malus species), members of the Ericaceae, Potentilla and the white pines. Beans, peas and tomatoes are also particularly sensitive to these secretions and will not grow in the rooting zone. The bruised leaves have a pleasant sweet though resinous smell but may cause skin irritation.

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