Neillia sinensis var ribesoides - Chinese Neillia, Arching Currant

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  • Another rarely cultivated, arching shrub, with beautiful, hanging, pink flowers in late Spring. Very hardy, its leaves and stems have similarities to currents. It is not fussy to soil conditions and looks great in a border.

 Native to:    China
 Family:    Rosaceae - Rose Family
 Habit (UK conditions):  medium to large shrub
 Typical size in 10 years (UK conditions):  4 x 3m
 Main value:  flowers, branches
 Flowers are:   pink
 Flowering period:  May-June
 Autumn coloration:  yellow- orange
 Preferences:   full sun or half shade, moderate watering
 Hardiness:   fully hardy in most of the UK and West and South Europe
 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge
 Edible uses:  none to our knowledge

Excellent quality, 10-15cm tall starter plant in a 8cm square pot (if there is a picture shown of the plant in a pot, it is an example of      what will be sent to you).

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