Pancratium maritimum x3 - Sea Daffodil

  • A beautiful bulbous plant that can often be seen growing in pure sand on the dunes of the Mediterranean coasts. Mid to late Summer in the hottest conditions, very large, exotic looking, pure white flowers emerge from the bulb when the glaucous, very ornamental leaves die back. The leaves are present from March to July. The flowers have a pleasing and very subtle scent. Easy to grow if in very sandy soil (for example 70% sand, 20 % peat, 10% perlite) and if you can provide hot conditions in a greenhouse or on a sunny patio. It is hardy to -5 Celsius. The seedlings should start to flower in 3 years time so some patience needed but the bluish leaves will provide joy until the first flowers.

 Also known as:  Sand Lily
 Native to:    Mediterranen

 Family:    Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis Family)
 Habit (UK conditions): bulbous, clump forming perennial
 Max size in 10 years in a container (UK conditions):  0.2m x 0.2m (bulbs), 40cm tall foliage
 Main value:   flowers
 Flowers are:   white
 Flowering period:  July - August
 Autumn coloration:  no leaves are present in Autumn
 Preferences:   full sun on sandy soil with light watering
 Hardiness:   hardy to -5 C but best to overwinter frost free
 Known hazards:    the bulb is somewhat toxic
 Edible uses:  none

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