Zanthoxylum acanthopodium - Lemon Pepper

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  • A rarely offered Zanthoxylum species that is native in SW Asia. Its thorny leaves and fruits have a strong lemony scent, therefore when used as a pepper substitute, like its relative, the Sechuan Pepper, it gives a lemonier flavour. It is a very quirky looking, thorny shrub with slightly hairy, composite, soft leaves. The trunk on older plants are covered in thorns which do not drop off but grow with the plant, becoming a showy feature.
    Almost with no peduncle, the many small, red fruits sit tight on the branches, making the plant look incredibly ornamental in Autumn. It makes an excellent patio plant, where on hot summer days its lemony scent can be greatly appreciated. Suitable for smaller gardens, by a wall or in a border.

  • We have excellent quality, 10-12cm tall starter plants on offer.

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