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O U R   S E A S O N A L   O F F E R S
P l a n t    o f    t h e    m o n t h
S e n d    o u r    p l a n t s    a s    g i f t !
O U R   S P E C I A L I T I E S
Unusual trees and shrubs for small gardens
Colourful autumn, scented winter
B o n s a i    s t a r t e r s
E d i b l e    o r n a m e n t a l s


Alexandrian Laurel 
Anemone Clematis 
Arizona Cypress 
Baby Kiwi 
Bald Cypress 
Bay Laurel 
Bee Tree 
Bitternut Hickory 
Black Chokeberry 
Black Walnut Tree 
Bladdernut Shrub 
Blue Passionflower 
Blue Potato Shrub 
Blue Sausage Plant 
Bottlebrush Buckeye 
Chinese Arching Currant 
Chinese Date Plum Tree 
Chinese Fringetree 
Chinese Jujube 
Chinese Money Tree 
Chinese Prickly-ash 
Chinese Virginia (Silvervein) Creeper 
Chinese Winter Hazel 
Chinese Wisteria 
Chinese Witchhazel 
Christmas Box 
Common Pearlbush 
Cork Oak 
Dawn Redwood 
Delavay Privet 
Dove Tree 
Dwarf Kowhai 
Dwarf Oleander  
Emperor Oak 
Epaulette Tree 
Evergreen Climber Plants 
Evergreen Laburnum 
Evergreen Silverberry 
Fig tree Cigar 
Fig tree Giant Yellow 
Fig tree Green Sweet variety 
Fig tree Ice variety 
Fig tree Pedro 
Fig tree Signora variety 
Food Wrapper Tree 
Foxglove Tree 
Foxtail Myrtle 
Golden Chain 
Golden Variegated Boxwood 
Hardy Orange 
Hardy Orange (Dwarf, contorted selection) 
Harlequin Glorybower 
Himalayan Dogwood 
Himalayan Sweet Box 
Hollyleaf Cherry 
Holm Oak 
Honey Locust 
Hop Hornbeam 
Hornbeam Maple 
India Quassia Tree 
Indian Banana 
Indian Bean Tree 
Indian Horse Chestnut 
Italian Stone Pine 
Japanese Aralia 
Japanese camellia 
Japanese Horse Chestnut 
Japanese Maple 
Japanese medlar 
Japanese Mock-Orange 
Japanese Plum Yew 
Japanese Quince 
Japanese Raisin Tree 
Judas Tree 
Katsura Tree 
Kermes Oak 
Large Fruited Rowan Tree 
Lebanon Oak 
Maidenhair Tree 
Mandschurian Walnut 
Monkey Puzzle Tree 
New Zealand Pittosporum  
North American Persimmon 
Orange Ball Tree 
Oriental Sweet Box 
Ornamental Pomegranate  
Persian Ironwood 
Pink Flame Tree 
Pink Trumpet Vine 
Pomegranate (dwarf cultivar) 
Pomegranate 'Mme Legrelle', Pomegranate 'California Sunset' 
Porcelain Berry 
Prickly Myrtle 
Purple Beautyberry 
Purple Chokeberry 
Red Tree Peony 
Rock Rose 
Rose Acacia 
Rose Glorybower 
Sechuan Pepper 
Silk Tree 
Silver Wattle or Mimosa Tree  
Small Leaved Kowhai 
Smoke Bush 
Southern Beech 
Spanish Broom 
St John's Bread 
Sweet Chestnut 
Sweet Gum 
Sweet Wattle 
Tea Crab Apple 
Tootache Tree 
Turkish Hazel 
Willow Leaved Magnolia 
Winter Jasmine 
Winter Sweet 
Yellow Buckeye