📦 Now introducing one flat rate postage charge on all orders: £6.50 - Royal Mail (standard) or £9.90 – DPD (next day) ⭐

Sending as a Gift

About our gift wrapping service

A number of mail order companies offer their plant products in gift wrapping, for special days. The most offered products are potted houseplants and cut flowers.

Our special delivery service is almost unique: we offer unusual trees and shrubs for gift so your loved ones can enjoy them from the beginning of the life of the plant (also, we can keep your P&P costs as low as possible). From edible ornamentals, for example Poncirus, through winter flowering or scented shrubs and giant trees, there is something for every occasion. No garden is too little, only some plants are too large - but not from us!

Our gift plants make long lasting presents, which will give souvenir on every day of the year and every anniversary.

What makes our gift wrapping so special?

  1. We only use the very best plants so you can expect excellent quality
  2. Even the pot is wrapped in gift paper
  3. The growing kit will be packed in gift style with a ribbon.
  4. Includes a suitable postcard (with your own message if you wish)
  5. We will wrap the box into decorative paper, then
  6. The gift-wrapped box gets an outer wrapping. This will protect the gift but equally will prevent that the addressee sees the content before open this protective wrapping – so does not ruin the surprise!

What is the cost?

Very reasonable. You can simply calculate the price adding the followings:

  1. Price of the plant  collection
  2. P&P of the plant or collection
  3. Gift-wrapping surcharge (£6.50)

Please note that the extra packing cost only covers the wrapping of maximum 3 plants or 1 collection which will fit into a small box. If you wish to order more plants or several collections, you will have to pay the extra packing cost over every +3 plants.

What are the occasions you can order gift wrapped plants for?

At present, we can offer the gift wrapping service for birthdays, for new homeowners, for “get well soon” wishes and for Christmas.


This occasion offers a fantastic opportunity to give unusual plants as gift. This can be a gift for a lifetime and  will be remembered for a long time!

Get well soon

It is a very uplifting feeling to receive a plant when we are a bit poorly. It give us hope for a quick recovery and a long, happy times to come: the plant symbolize growth, prosperity and the sunny side of life.

Welcome to your new home!

It is very exciting indeed when we move to our new home! The garden may be “ready” but there will always be a bit of space (if not other then the windowsill) for new arrivals – which will make that garden personal and full of souvenirs in the years to come!

All three above occasions is well worth to celebrate and we offer 3 different colours of wrapping: silver, red and green. The gift will be accompanied by a suitable card.


The pictures below represents our wrapped plants, you can see an example for Christmas wrapping and another example for a Birthday gift.

For many families today,  giving Christmas gifts is also about making a special time to show loved ones how much you care!

We have some evergreen trees (for example Araucaria or Cupressus) which make nice Christmas trees in your garden in the years to come, our plants make wonderful Christmas gift which she or he can take care of all year round!

We will wrap the plant and the pot in the same wrapping paper, and we send a chrocheted angel or bell ornament, accompanied by a card, suitable for the occasion. Our two main colours of wrapping for Christmas is either silver or red, depending on your own choice.

We sincerely hope that you will see the quirkiness and the fantasy in our gift wrapping service: because it is great to receive but also to give!