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Why Choose Us?

We offer a special plant for every garden, from balcony to woodland, ranging from both deciduous and evergreen dwarf flowering shrubs, bonsai starters, giant trees, fragrant species, rare fruits, climbers, patio and conservatory plants.

Seed propagation is a great way to ensure to maintain a wide gene pool and after careful selection, result in plants which can be tolerant or resistant to pests and diseases. Using locally grown plants will also help them to adapt better to your garden.

We use a unique mix of growing media which ensures good hardening of stem tissue which makes our plants well prepared for UK Winter conditions. They are potted for optimal root development and follow the specific needs of each species.

Our excellent quality, healthy plants are freshly handpicked from the nursery on the very day of dispatch. All plants are packed with the utmost care, using a unique, secure method, entirely developed by ourselves preventing any movement in transit.

Full growing instructions with specific advice is provided but in the extremely unlikely case your plant fails to grow out of your control, our 30 days guarantee will provide a no quibble replacement.

We are always available to help, should you need any advice and you are welcome to come back to us for further information or getting ideas for your next project.