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Acer macrophyllum - Big Leaf Maple

  • Acer macrophyllum is a large, dark green leaved, deciduous tree from Western North America. The Big Leaf Maple has the largest leaves out of any maple tree, reaching a width and length of 30cm. The five deeply incised palmate lobed leaves turn golden in the autumn, creating a stunning effect when against a backdrop of evergreens. In April, racemes of greenish-yellow flowers with inconspicuous petals hang down from the branches. Firstly green and then by the Autumn, large, colour bristly winged fruits are produced, covered with fine hairs. The sap of the fruit contains a certain amount of sugar and can be concentrated into syrup by boiling off the water (used to sweeten many foods by the native Indians). Full sun or semi shade on well-drained but moist soil will provide optimal growing conditions. It can withstand temperatures as low as -20. 

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