Acer Sempervirens - Cretan Maple

  • Semi-evergreen or evergreen small tree or large shrub, this is a great maple for small gardens, for the patio or for bonsai. It is one of the most drought- and heat-tolerant species in the genus, occurring on dry, sunny hillsides at moderate elevations. It is closely related to Acer monspessulanum from further north and west in Europe, differing from it in being a smaller, often shrubby tree, and in its smaller, evergreen, leathery, glossy dark green leaves. The bark is dark grey, smooth in young trees, becoming scaly and shallowly fissured in mature trees. The new leaves have a distinctive, reddish colour. A slow growing species, rarely offered. We have freshly potted starter plants (5cm tall!) ready to be posted.

Other common names:                                         -
Distribution:                                                     SE-submediterranean, SW Asia and Turkey
Family:                                                             Sapindaceae (Maple Family)
Decorative parts (in order of importance):       Small, leathery leaves
Decorative period(s):                                        March (young leaves and flowers), all year (bark)
Habit (UK conditions):                                       Deciduous small tree
Max. height (when mature, UK conditions):      3-4m
Flower colour:                                                  Sulphur yellow
Flowering time:                                                March
Autumn coloration:                                          Orange-yellow
Hardiness (in the UK):                                      Fully hardy
Preferences:                                                    Full sun, any type of soil

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