Citrus trifoliata (Poncirus trifoliata) - Japanese Bitter Orange - 3 Year Old Plant

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  • An unusual shrub related to the citrus, however, it is extremely cold tolerant. When the shrub blooms, clusters of scented, white flowers appear in March-April, before the leaves appear. From September, masses of large, bright yellow, lemon-like fruits develop which can reach to 4-5cm in size. They have a similar taste to the lemon and are suitable for tea or marmalades. The shrubs foliage turns a vibrant yellow during the autumn which will brighten up anyone’s garden during the duller days. The plant is covered in large spines which gives a spectacular architectural appearance during the winter months. It is drought tolerant and fast growing. It is suitable to be planted in a container whether that be for a low hedge-barrier or the garden. Hardy to temperatures as low as -20c. An excellent 3 years old plant in an 8cm pot.

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