Cornus capitata - Himalayan Dogwood

  • This elegant, large shrub has evergreen foliage and creamy coloured flowers that open in the Summer. The strawberry-like, large, orange-red fruits are edible as well as being an ideal source for squirrels and birds.


Other common names: headed-flowered dogwood, Bentham's cornel

Native to:     East Asia to Western China

Family:   Dogwood Family (Cornaceae)

Habit (UK conditions): large shrub

Growth rate:  medium

Typical size in 10 years:  3m x 2m 

Main value:    fruits

Flower colour:  yellow 

Flowering period:  April-May

Autumn coloration:  - (evergreen)

Preferences:     any tip of soil  full sun or half-shade is best for optimal growth and flowering

Hardiness:    hardy to about -20 C

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