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Drought Tolerant Shrub Collection

  • The Drought Tolerant Shrub Collection contains one of each plant in either a 7cm or 8cm pot.

  • Spartium junceum - Spanish Broom (20-30cm tall): Native to the Mediterranean region and Canary Islands, it is an exotic looking evergreen shrub that can reach 6-10ft tall. The erect, bright green stems are rounded (rush-like) and mainly leafless (leaves are small, short-lived). The stems branch off at the top, ending with bright yellow flowering clusters on leafless racemes. The leaves are the same bright green colour as the stems. The flowers are fragrant and pea-shaped, growing in clusters at the end of the branch ends. The flowers can reach up to approximately 1inch long and the stalks can be 14-16 inches long. It can be grown on any soil but heavy clay. The Spanish Broom has got a Mediterranean aesthetic, looking best against a brick wall. It is hardy to -10C but even if bitten by the frost, the base of the stems grow back. A fast growing plant.

  • Cornus mas - Cornelian Cherry (15-20cm tall): A small, rounded fruit tree made up of dark green, shiny ovate leaves which turn a wonderful deep red during the autumn. Before the leaves develop, masses of tiny, golden-yellow flowers appear like a golden mist around the bare stems. The Cornelian Cherry in particular gives your garden a glow during the drab, winter days. In the late summer, countless bright red, soured cherry like fruits are formed which, when fully ripe are used for making a delicious sauce (similar to the traditional cranberry sauce) or jams. The fruit tastes sweet as well as slightly sour at the same time. The whole plant diffuses an interesting, fruity scent – even when not in fruit.

  • Staphylea pinnata - Common Bladdernut (6-8cm tall): A small shrub with coconut scented, white flowers in May, followed by fluffy fruit pods (hence the name).  At first the fruit pods have a purple hue which then gradually fades to a hay, brown colour in the Autumn. The Common Bladdernut is easy to grow (even in a pot), drought tolerant and it won't grow bigger than 2m in height.

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