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Evergreen Oak Collection

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  • The ornamental Evergreen Oak collection contains one of each plant in an 8cm pot.

  • Quercus coccifera - Kermes Oak (10-15cm tall)

    An extremely slow growing, dense shrub. The Kermes Oak is an ideal plant for bonsai with good branching and very spiny, small leaves. Also good on the patio when placed in a hot, sunny position (if protected from hard frosts). Lime tolerant, not fussy to soil as long as it has good drainage.


    Quercus suber  - Cork Oak (20-30cm tall)

    This is the famous real Cork Oak which produces soft bark that is known to be used widely as vine bottle plugs, picture frames, etc. since ancient times. Quercus suber is a lower grower and less cold tolerant so it is best to overwinter frost free. It makes an excellent bonsai though and looks exotic enough on a sunny patio in the Summer. If you want to harvest a layer of bark, you will have to wait 10-12 years.


    Quercus ilex - Holm Oak (15-20cm tall)

    A rarely offered species, originating from the Mediterranean. The broadly spreading, rounded tree can reach up to heights of 82ft. The large, elegant evergreen Holm Oak has slender, leathery leaves that vary in size depending on the age (can reach up to 8cm in length). The tree can be grown to be used as an unusual hedge or can be kept in a pot on the patio. During Autumn, its beautifully shaped leaves turn yellow but remain on the tree throughout Winter. Acorns as large as 5cm by 4cm are produced either solitary or in groups of 2 or 3. We have excellent quality, 15-20cm tall starter plants on offer.

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