Hibiscus syriacus - Hardy Hibiscus

  • Summer flowering shrub from the Far East, with edible leaves and flowers (for example, they are great in salads). Large flowers open abundantly from late May to August in the shades of pink, white and blue. Our plants are from a white flowered shrub, and although cannot guarantee exact colour, all will give a spectacular display either in a pot on the patio, or planted out into the garden. Easy to grow, drought tolerant.

Other common names:  Rose of Sharon
Native to:   India to China
Family:    Malvaceae
Habit (UK conditions):   small to medium sized shrub
Growth rate: medium
Typical size in 5-6 years (in a pot):   2m x 0.6m
Main value:    flowers
Flower colour:    white, pink or blue
Flowering period:   June - August
Autumn coloration:   shades of yellow but not always spectacular
Preferences:    grows best in full sun, on any soil (except extremes) with good drainage
Hardiness:    hardy to about -15C
Edibility qualities: leaves and flowers, raw or cooked, have a mild flavour

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