Jasminum nudiflorum - Winter Jasmine

  • A small to medium arching shrub with pretty, 3 lobed, dark green leaves and masses of bright yellow, star-shaped flowers that open from January onwards (often until March). The shrub is very easy to grow and looks best trained to a wall, or hanging down from a raised bed, it can also be grown in a large pot on the patio. Somewhat drought tolerant it prefers half shade or morning or afternoon sun, a versatile plant.

 Also known as:  Winter - flowered Jasmine
 Native to:    China
 Family:    Oleaceae - Olive Family
 Habit (UK conditions):  deciduous shrub with an arching habit
 Max size in 10 years (UK conditions):  1,5 x 3-4m
 Main value:   flowers
 Flowers are:   yellow
 Flowering period:  January- March
 Autumn coloration:  yellow-pink but not significant
 Preferences:   morning or afternoon sun or half shade, moderate watering
 Hardiness:   fully hardy in most of the UK and West and South Europe
 Known hazards:    none to our knowledge
 Edible uses:  none to our knowledge

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