Laburnum anagyroides - Golden Chain

  • Our best available, 15-20cm tall, young, healthy starter plant in a reusable 8cm pot; freshly handpicked from our nursery benches; cultivated under UK climatic conditions. You can see a Ceanothus with dark blue flowers, planted together with the lovely Laburnum on a British street. This is an easy plant to grow with it thriving in almost any types of soil. Its leaves are composite. Flowering from May to June, the pea-like yellow flowers droop in clusters and are very showy. It is not a very fast-growing plant, great for borders or looks good on the lawn.


Other common names:   Golden Rain, Common Laburnum
Native to:     Southern Europe - North Africa
Family:     Fabaceae (Pea Family)
Habit (UK conditions):  deciduous small tree
Max. size in 10 years:   6m x 3m
Main value:    yellow, pea-like flowers
Flower colour:    yellow with orange throat
Flowering period:   May-June
Autumn coloration:   yellow but not too significant
Preferences:    wide range of soils, full sun of half shade (drought tolerant)
Hardiness:    hardy to around -15C
Is it toxic?    yes, all parts but especially the seeds

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