Ligustrum delavayanum - Delavay's Privet

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  • This plant is a lot more interesting than the usual Common Privet. It has small, glossy leaves and arching branches that end with fragrant white flower panicles in early Summer. From August, dark blue, then black berries decorate the plant until at least January. Very easy to grow and branches out freely - ideal for bonsai or topiary. Drought tolerant so won't mind to live in a large pot on the patio.

 Also known as:  -
 Native to:      East Asia, West China
 Family:     Oleaceae - Olive Family
 Habit (UK conditions):     Evergreen, medium sized shrub with an arching habit (but can be trimmed)
 Growth rate:      Quick
 Max size in 15 years (UK conditions):       3 x 3m
 Main value:   All-year-round dark green foliage, blue-black berries in Autumn
 Flowers are:       White, open in panicles
 Flowering period:        May-June
 Autumn coloration:                                 Some older leaves turn yellow at fall
 Preferences:                                           Full sun, well drained soil (drought tolerant). Very tolerant.
 Hardiness:                                              Fully hardy in most of the UK and Europe
 Known hazards:                                      None known for this species but other members of the genus contains toxins
 Edible uses:                                            None known

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