Lycianthes solanum rantonetti - Blue Potato shrubs

  • This South-American plant opens masses of blue-violet flowers (with yellow stamens) throughout the Summer. It is an ideal patio or conservatory plant if one can overwinter it frost free in a conservatory or in an unheated room. The plant is not fussy to soil and is somewhat drought tolerant. It can even be shaped into a bonsai. It may reach 1-2m in height in a larger container and can be trimmed, however it is also good to leave some stems to grow as the flowers prefer to develop around the end of the stem. 

 Native to:    Paraguay, Bolivia
 Family:    Solanaceae (Potato Family)
 Habit (UK conditions): grows into a small shrub in a large container if overwintered frost free
 Usual size in 5 years in a container (UK conditions):  2m x 2m
 Main value:   flowers
 Flowers are:   blue - violet
 Flowering period:  June - August
 Autumn coloration:  yellow but not significant as if overwintered frost free, often, the leaves remain on the plant
 Preferences:   full sun with regular watering (between April and September) in well drained soil provides best growing conditions
 Hardiness:   not Winter hardy in the UK and Western Europe (down to 0 C only)
 Known hazards:    all parts of the plant are somewhat poisonous if ingested
 Edible uses:  none known

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