Magnolia kobus - Kobushi Magnolia

  • A slender, deciduous flowering tree or large shrub that makes a fantastic addition to your borders or woodland garden during the spring time. It is a lovely, early flowering garden tree, perfect for those who have a smaller area to fill. Also suitable for pot growing, even if it is larger than M stellata and ideal as a bonsai.

  • Masses of large, showy, creamy white flowers are in bloom before the leaves appear, which give off a lovely scent. After flowering, bright green leaves emerge and interesting, pink, fleshy, multiple pod-like fruits are produced in the Autumn, revealing bright red coated (arylus) seeds when they open up in October.

  • Full sun or partial shade and well-drained but moist soil is best. This species grows best on a higher soil pH but is also happy on neutral or acidic soils (on pH above 7.5 the green leaves may fade to yellow due to iron deficiency). It can withstand temperatures as low as -20. 
     Excellent quality, 15-20cm tall plant in an 8cm square pot.

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