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Malus sikkimensis – Sikkim Crabapple

  • If one wants to encourage birds and the wildlife, or even the kitchen, cook this handsome, free fruiting Malus sikkimensis from China, Bhutan and India. The Sikkim Crabapple is another rarely offered, small to medium sized tree (4-6m) of low, bushy habit. Distinct among crabapples because of the excessive development of stout, rigid branching spurs on the trunk. Single rose buds open to white blooms, followed by masses of pear-shaped dark red fruit, 1-2cm long and wide, with pale dots. Fast growing, fruits well in any except deep shade position and the yellowing foliage in Autumn provide further interest. Malus sikkimensis produces fruit from a young age of 3. Fully hardy in the UK. 

We have fresh starter plants on offer (30-50cm tall). 

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