Malus tschonoskii- Pillar Apple, Chonosuki Crab


  • This species is often grown for its foliage rather than for its flowers or fruits. However it still displays a nice white array of flowers in April-May, which are preceded by attractive pink flowers buds and then followed by 2-3cm wide, slightly flattened, pale red and yellow, dotted fruits. They are a bit gritty, but perfectly edible raw or cooked. It attracts lot of wildlife.

          The name tschonoskii refers to the 19th century Japanese botanist Sugawa Tschonoski.

  • It has a distinctive columnar habit with relatively large leaves, which unlike a crabapple, turns to a vivid orange and fiery red from mid-October and the fruits may last on the tree longer than the leaves.
  • It prefers a fully sunny position on a moist soil, but really, it will grow well in any normal garden position and can even be trained to a wall. Fast growing and starts to fruit early.
    Excellent quality, 10-15cm tall plant in an 8cm square pot.

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