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Myrtle Shrub Collection

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  • The eye catching Myrtle collection contains one of each plant in an 8cm pot.

Myrtus communis: This is an upright form of the common myrtle with shorter leaves and even more flowers than on the standard one. Small to medium evergreen shrub from Southern Europe with simple, dark green, almost leathery leaves and masses of white flowers, with numerous stamens - a very beautiful plant when in flower. It will grow in a sheltered spot and is not fussy to soil conditions. It tolerates some maritime exposure. It has an exotic effect.

Luma apiculata: The small tree or large shrub is from South-America. It has a cinnamon coloured, twisted trunk and pure white, fragrant flowers in the Summer. It flowers over a long period of time, from early Summer right to the Autumn. In the Autumn time, the tree produces dark blue, edible berries. The evergreen plant has small, dark green leaves. It is ideal to place it against a wall or near the house / at a garden entrance. It branches out freely but can be pruned further; it is also an ideal bonsai subject. As the fruits and leaves are edible, it can be considered as wild food. 

Rhaphithamnus spinosus: An unusual, upright evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves and spines in-between from South-America. The plant has trumpet-like, small, pink flowers in May which are followed by masses of attractive blue-violet coloured fruits which remain on the branches until mid-Winter. This plant is ideal against a wall or near the house or at a garden entrance where it is protected from cold winds. It is hardy enough for most of the UK over winter without protection. It is also an ideal bonsai subject, and can be trimmed.


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