Myrtus communis - Common Myrtle

This is an upright form of the common myrtle with shorter leaves and even more flowers than on the standard one. Small to medium evergreen shrub from Southern Europe with simple, dark green, almost leathery leaves and masses of white flowers, with numerous stamens - a very beautiful plant when in flower. It will grow in a sheltered spot and is not fussy to soil conditions. It tolerates some maritime exposure. It has an exotic effect. Excellent quality starter plant in a 7cm square pot.

Also known as: Common Myrtle Native to: Southern Europe

Family: Myrtaceae - Myrtle Family

Habit (UK conditions): densely branched medium shrub

Max size in 5 years (UK conditions): 2 x 1,5m

Main value: flowers, fruits

Flowers are: white

Flowering period: May-July

Autumn coloration: - (evergreen)

Preferences: it grows best if planted against a south facing wall, or sheltered position from cold winds, and prefers deep soil with free drainage but can be grown on any soil

Hardiness: fairly hardy in the UK (down to -10C when dormant)

Edible uses: fruits (seeds) are eaten raw when ripe (some source state that flowers are edible too)

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