Neoshirakia japonica - Milk Tree, Tallow Tree

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  • Part of the Euphorbiaceae family, but a woody species and the only one in its genus, with distinctive, triangular capsule fruits and magnificent Autumn colours from yellow to deep purple. A small tree of only 3-4 m tall after 10-15 years from planting, covered with smooth glossy leaves and small yellowish flowers in early Summer. However, it is during Autumn, when this hardy plant is most eye catching. At this point it is one of the finest of all plants for autumn colour. In view of this it, is surprising that it is not more widely cultivated, and that it is only offered for sale by a few specialist nurseries like us.  Slow growing and suitable for the patio or for bonsai.

  • We have 5cm tall starter plants ready to be posted. 

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