Nothofagus alpina - Southern Beech

  • A large deciduous tree that originates from Argentina and Chile. It is known to branch out freely but can be easily pruned back; it is also an ideal bonsai subject.

  • The tree is made up of greyish, decorative bark and single, elliptic, beautifully shaped hornbeam-like leaves. When the leaves are young they are of a bronze colour, then during the summer a dark green and in the autumn they turn to a fiery red (sometimes yellow).

  • For its optimum growth it is recommended that it's positioned in full sun and on acidic or neutral soil.

         Excellent quality, 10-15cm tall plant in an 7cm square pot.


  • Other common names: Rauli, Robli

  • Native to: Chile, Argentina, on hills

  • Family: Fagaceae (Beech Family)

  • Habit (UK conditions): large tree (but it can be pruned to keep it small)

  • Max. size in 10 years: 15m x 3m

  • Main value: elliptic, hornbeam-like leaves which turn red in Autumn; bark

  • Flower colour: yellow, not significant

  • Flowering period: April

  • Autumn coloration: fiery red

  • Hardiness: hardy to at least around -15C

  • Is it toxic? No

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