Ostrya Carpinifolia - Hop Hornbeam Tree

  • A beautiful, Hornbeam like foliage with parallel veins. This tree can be a stunning focal point in a larger garden as it develops a decorative, multistemmed trunk and countless hanging Hop-like flowers and fruits on its branches. It has a deep yellow Autumnal colouration. It is good for the patio but if kept in a large pot it won't reach vast size. It is ardy to at least -20C, it can be grown on many soil types and not too fussy to pH.

Native to: SE-Europe
Family: Betulaceae
Habit (UK conditions): large tree with a wide, rounded crown and numerous branches
Growth rate: medium
Typical size in 10 years:   5m x 3m
Main value:  flowers and fruits
Flower colour: greenish-yellow
Flowering period:  Spring
Autumn coloration: yellow
Preferences:    it grows best in  full sun or half shade, on any soil with good drainage (somewhat drought tolerant)
Hardiness:    hardy to about -15C

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