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Paulownia tomentosa - Foxglove Tree, Princess Tree

  • The Foxglove Tree is a large rounded tree, with an open arrangement of thick, stiff branches. When left to its own devices, the Paulownia tomentosa will grow exceptionally large and produce a great display of eye - catching, sweetly scented pinkish-purple flowers that appear together with the leaves during April-May. Coppicing a tree annually will sacrifice the flowers, however it will produce 2-3m long stems with enormous leaves up to 60cm across (a coppiced tree does not produce flowers).

  • We have excellent quality, 10-15cm tall starter plants on offer (naturally died back in Winter from 30cm). Please note that these are leafless and they always die back to bottom buds during the first winter, currently dying back - healthy buds near base of the stem! It will grow 50-60cm next year. 
  • (Image by Kyphotobug)

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